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Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra was the fourth Advocate General of United Province, India. He never stood second in his life and loved serving people.

He kept his emotions in control, was soft spoken, sober, kind and benevolent and lived a very simple life yet enjoyed life and loved laughter – maintaining a low profile and a very high tradition. He was simple, not only in the way he dressed in his dhoti and kurta, but also in his thoughts, words and deeds. He mixed freely with all and ever extended his eager hands – helping all in need.
Book Published  "Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra – My Father" is a touching tribute to a towering personality and one of the foremost defenders of the Indian legal institution.The author, Munindra Misra, is the youngest of the five sons and three daughters of Late Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra. He has been honoured with a badge and awarded ‘The Top Viewed Author Award’ by Knol – A unit of knowledge of Google in 2011.
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  • Name: Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra
  • Birth: 31st Aug. 1903 – Janmashtami
  • Place Birth: Mariyadpur, Azamgarh U.P., India
  • Occupation: Advocate
  • Post Held: Advocate General, U.P., India (1952 – 1969)
  • Expired: 14th Oct. 1975 – Dushehra
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Pt K. L. Misra (Advocate General of Uttar Pradesh, India from 1952 to 1969) was far more than an Advocate.

Sir Auther Quinal Quach, Author:
It is the Englishman who has conquered India but it is only an Indian (K.L. Misra) who has conquered English

Justice S.R. Das, Chief Justice of India
Mr. Misra, why don’t you more often appear in the Supreme Court? In the cases in which you appear it raises the standard of our judgments.

Mr. Sheerwai, Senior Advocate
When Mr. Misra arrived and we had consultations, he was quite. I thought the bulk of the argument is going to fall on my shoulders. But after hearing his brilliant arguments for several days, my feeling is, even if I add something more than what has been submitted, I would only be able to scratch or wash off the beautiful varnish put by him.

Sri. S.N. Mulla, Senior Criminal Advocate
Mr. Misra never clamoured for the front line. He took his seat wherever he found one. But he never knew – it was not the front bench but wherever he sat became the focus of attraction.

Sri Shanti Bhushan, Law Minister Of India and Senior Advocate 
He was such a versatile and noble man that the like of him may not be born again.

The reader gets a personal glimpse of Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra – his love for his wife, a poet, a loving father, with eagerness to help and a very tender, calm person at heart with over-flowing love for the family and people around.

Since there was a major gap of around 50 years between father and son - the outlook of the author does give a different view to the towering personality of this great legal luminary and one of the strongly dedicated upholders of the legal institution of India.

About The Author

The author, Munindra Misra, is the youngest of the five sons and three daughters of Late Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra.
He has been honoured with a badge and awarded ‘The Top Viewed Author Award’ by Knol – A unit of knowledge of Google in 2011. 

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Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra - My Father  
ISBN: 1482818566    ISBN-13: 9781482818567
Publisher: Partridge Publishing - (March 6, 2014)
Paperback: 202 pages
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.5 inches

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K.L. Misra - Profile

Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra (Advocate General U.P. 1952-69)

कन्हैया लाल मिश्रा

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After general elections were held for the first time in the United Province (1937) to form a responsible government under the Government of India Act, 1935, the Congress Party swept the polls and formed the first representative government in the province. 
Advocate Generals appointed thereafter, till Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra, were as under:

Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra was born in Maryadpur (a very backward area with no transportation links), district Azamgarh, U.P., India, on Krishna Janmashtami and was so named. He was the eldest of the four sons and one daughter of Pt. Baijnath Misra, a top lawyer at the Azamgarh bar and an M.L.C. for a long period of time. His father was an exceptional student who topped in his Matriculation and Intermediate Examination. 
Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra too had a shinning education career. He never stood second. His basic schooling started at the village, then he went to Banaras (Varanasi) in the Theosophical School under Dr. Mrs. Annie Beasant.

·         1925 - He graduated with honours in Economics securing 91% marks in English.
·         1926 - He sat for the Indian Civil Service Examination and stood first and created a record by securing 150/150 in the English paper, a record that can never be broken. However due to his student day's speeches of freedom and his influence by Mahatma Gandhi he was not selected.
·         1927 - passed his law Examination and joint the District Bar in 1928.
·         1930 - October, shifted to the Allahabad High Court. He had an exceptional command of the Hindi, English and Urdu language.
·         1942 - was imprisoned during the freedom struggle in the Naini Central Jail along with Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, P. D. Tandon and others.
·         1951 - was offered Judgeship but on his request he was reluctantly not appointed. He attained eminence in the legal field with his flare of advocacy, depth of learning, sweet trapping court craft, humility, and a photogenic memory. His simplicity and brilliance was his landmark.
·         1952 - was appointed Advocate General, U.P. and continued till 9th March 1969 irrespective of the political party which came to power during this period.
·         1955 - was offered Supreme Court Judgeship (being the first advocate to receive such distinction) without being a judge. He then requested through the Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court – Justice B. Malik the then Chief Minister and Home Minister to spare him which again they did reluctantly. His reason was that he wanted to be in public life, serving institutions and the public at large.
·         1969 - Resigned as Advocate General U.P. - the year his wife expired.

He served various social, cultural and educational institutions. He was the Chairman of the Bar Council, President of the Bar Association of Allahabad, President of the Mehta Research Institute of Mathematics and Mathematical Physics and as a member of its executive council, President of the Prayag Sangeet Samiti, President of the Hindi Sahitya Sammellan to name a few. He also had the honour to serve the Allahabad University as its Hon’ Treasurar and as a member of its executive council.
He left the mortal body on 14th October 1975, on Dushehra, and was cremated with state honours.

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